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B: Fountain Pen History: When the doors closed in some well known and some unknown fountain pen companies

I came across this book on Google: "Obsolete American Securities and Corporations, Illustrated with Photographs of Important Repudiated Bonds", by Roland Mulville Smythe Published by R.M.Smythe, 1911. Of course, I immediately wanted to see what I could fish out for some of our beloved fountain pen companies :)
  • American Fountain Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1905
This was the precursor to Moore Pen Co. Link to pens for sale from (as of 10/18/08 several American Fountain Pen Co. pens were listed In the advertisement on the left from the MIT Tech Oct. 7, 1908 it appears that the company kept using the name till much later. Or is it that just the NY office closed?
  • Arcadia Fountain Pen Co., Newark, NJ Barred from US mails, July 12, 1902.
The photos are from ebay auction 350109797065. Of course I dont think there is a connection but I have no other reference for this early company.

  • Auburn Pen Co., Auburn, NY Barred from US mails, May 7. 1902
"The Government Interfers.
The mail of the Auburn Pen Co.was held at the Auburn Post Office by Postmaster Clark Wednesday after orders from the federal authorities at Washington, a telegram from Assistant Attorney General Tyner received at the post office ordering the action. The officers of the pen company are in the dark as yet regarding the cause of such action and are anxiously awaiting replies to telegrams and correspondence sent to Washington asking for explanation as to the reasons for the course which has been pursued.
H. M. Cameron of the company stated that he surmised the mail was held up on a complaint made by Mrs. Emma B. Smith of 39 Perry St. who had been writing letters for the firm and had been discharged, at the end of two weeks of the sales from her letter /unreadable/ satisfactory. He said, however, that she received payment for her work in full. The proceeding impresses Mr. Cameron as strange in as much as an inspector of the post office department at Washington was here recently investigating the methods of the pen companies and he found no fault.
Business is at a standstill with the Auburn Pen company and it will until it can obtain its mail. Another inspector of the Post Office will probably be sent to investigate the
/unreadable/ - Bulletin"

  • Bank Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1905

  • Central Pen & Manufacturing Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1902
(Reference to 1899 from

  • Colonial Pen Co. Incorporated in Maine. Three years' franchise taxes unpaid 1903
"Lancaster pens were made by the Colonial Pen co which seems to have moved around a lot" from

  • Diamond Point Fountain Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1894
I dont know much about this early company but it has been going on and off till the 30s-40s.

  • Earl Fountain Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1904
  • Empire Fountain Pen Co, Massena, NY Barred from US mails, June 19, 1902
  • Foley Gold Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1890.
  • Foley, John, Gold Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1904
Interesting - Fischer and Schneider said that they dissolved in 1915.
  • Fort Wayne Fountain Pen Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. Barred from US mails, Sept. 17, 1902
"The post office department has issued ia fraud order against the Fort Wayne Fountain PenDaily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - October 7, 1902, Elyria, Ohio Company which has been.."
  • Fountain Automatic Pen Co., Office in New York. Dissolved 1904
  • H.G.H. Fountain Pen Manufacturing Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1904
  • Kerner Stylographic Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1883
  • Mackinnon Pen Co Office in New York. Dissolved 1884

From Andy

  • New Century Pen Co. Office in New Yorkm Dissolved 1904
  • Novelty Fountain Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1890
  • Prange Pen Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. Barred from US mails, Aug. 13, 1902
  • Quaker City Fountain Pen Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Barred from US mails, Mar. 28, 1904
  • Quaker City Self Filling Fountain Pen Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Barred from US mails, Mar. 28, 1904

  • Ray Pen & Pencil Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1888.

  • Standard Fountain Pen Co. Office in New York. Dissolved 1903. Barred from US mails, Dec. 15, 1902
Not really the same Standard Fountain Pen, in 1926:
"Complaint No.1264.--In the matter of W. C. Blickenstaff; otherwise known as W. C. Buick,
doing business under the trade name and style Standard Fountain Pen Co. Charge: Unfair
methods of competition are charged in that then respondent, engaged in the sale of fountain pens
at wholesale, supplies circulars and advertising matter to his dealers which describe said pens
and bear purported regular retail prices (which are in fact fictitious prices and greatly in excess
of the real value of said pens) and further supplies coupons bearing statements to the effect that
for one day only said coupons will be accepted at their face value inn part payment for the
respondent’s pens at said regular retail prices, thus falsely representing that the penis wilt be
sold for a limited the at a substantial reduction in price ; and in that respondent causes certain
of his pen points to be stamped “ 14 K,” thereby indicating that said points are 14-karat gold,
when in fact they are made of an alloy simulating gold in color and appearance but containing
no gold inn substantial quantities, all in alleged violation of section 5 of the Federal Trade
Commission act.
Disposition : After a stipulation, entered in lieu of testimony, the commission entered an order
to cease and desist on June 24, 1925." From the trade Commission 1926 annual report.

  • Sterling Fountain Pen Co., Wilkesbarre, Pa. Barred from US mails, July 11, 1902.
Any connection with the Boston company?

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